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Handmade Rembordé Folded Edge Alligator Belly Leather Strap - Integrated Fit

Handmade Rembordé Folded Edge Alligator Belly Leather Strap - Integrated Fit

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These alligator belly leather straps with tan lining and color-matched stitching were constructed by a master leather craftsman and are completely handmade. They boast rembordé folded edge construction (the leather is folded around the edges to provide a seamless transition between the top and bottom of the strap), a rare touch that requires specialized knowledge to execute. Vegetable-tanned leather is used to provide tasteful padding. These straps are truly world-class and stands a cut above what you’ll typically find for sale.

Our integrated straps are built around nylon inserts that we engineer in-house and painstakingly tweak to perfectly fit each Grand Seiko case. The inserts are designed to work with either the included quick release spring bars or standard spring bars.

Handmade leather strap
Silver buckle
Quick release spring bars

If you need instructions on how to install your strap, please watch our handy installation video.

Please check the 'Supported Case Types' section below to identify which strap will best match the specific ref. number of your Grand Seiko Case. If your case does not appear, please contact us.

Supported Case Types

For the integrated straps, please choose the size that fits your specific model’s reference number (these lists are not fully inclusive, please reach out if you are unsure about a fit)

44GS Quartz (will fit any quartz 44GS case)
SBGP001, SBGP003, SBGP005, SBGP017

44GS Non-Quartz (will fit any standard automatic or GMT 44GS case)
SBGA373, SBGA375, SBGA384, SBGA385, SBGA387, SBGA471, SBGH277, SBGH279, SBGH281, SBGJ021, SBGJ201, SBGJ203, SBGJ235, SBGJ255, SBGJ259, SBGJ261, SLGA013, SLGH009, SLGH013

SBGA211, SBGA01, SBGA20, SBGA203, SBGA401, SBGA469, SBGA259, SBGA497

SBGA413, SBGA415, SBGH271, SBGH273, SBGH295, SBGH297, SBGA443, SBGA445, SBGH317, SBGH315, SBGH333, SBGH335, SBGH337, SBGH325, SBGH321, SBGH303

Evolution 9
SLGA007, SLGA009, SLGA019, SLGA021, SLGH003, SLGH005, SLGH007, SLGH011, SLGH017, SLGH019, SLGH021


Alligator hide is renowned worldwide for its beauty and durability. These hides are semi-matte and will reflect light but are not shiny. We only use the belly part of the hide to provide larger scales for the straps.

These particular Alligator hides were sourced from Groupe HCP in France. The Zermatt calfskin lining was also sourced from Haas Tanneries and has been tanned and finished so that it doesn’t cause any irritation on the skin. The thread is Fil Au Chinois waxed linen thread, also sourced from France.

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Free US returns accepted within 30 days for a full refund for all unworn merchandise.

Care Instructions

Use a dry microfiber cloth to gently wipe away any dirt.

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