How are your straps made?

Our leather straps are hand made by master leather makers with the highest quality leathers and threading. Many of our leather straps feature folded edge construction. The straps are built around our in-house designed inserts, which are custom engineered to perfectly fit their respective Grand Seiko watch case.

Our rubber straps are made using the highest quality FKM vulcanized rubber to provide maximum durability and comfort.


How are the sizes for your integrated straps measured?

The lengths of the strap listed on the product page refer to the actual length of the strap from tip to tip. However, due to the nature of the fitted strap design and where the spring bar actually lies, the effective length (the length to an equivalent universal strap) is slightly shorter by about 5mm.

For example an integrated strap measuring 115/75mm will be equivalent in sizing to a universal strap measuring 110/70mm.

In order to simplify things and to help you find the best possible fit for your wrist, we have tested the fit of each strap to estimate the range of wrist sizes in inches that each strap size can fit. You can find these ranges listed alongside each strap size. Please keep in mind that these ranges are estimates and there may be slight deviations especially on some handmade leather straps.

Size Chart

Wrist Size (cm) Wrist Size (in) Integrated Strap Length (mm) Universal Strap Length (mm)
140-149 5.5-5.8 105/65 100/60
150-159 5.9-6.2 110/70 105/65
160-169 6.3-6.6 115/75 110/70
170-179 6.7-7 120/80 115/75
180-189 7.1-7.4 130/80 125/75
190-199 7.5-7.8 135/85 130/80
200-209 7.9-8.2 140/90 135/85
210-219 8.3-8.6 150/90 145/85


How do I determine my wrist size?

If you do not know your wrist size, simply wrap a piece of string around the area of your wrist where you would wear your watch strap. Mark the area of string that wraps around the wrist and measure the string with a ruler in inches.


What can I do if my strap doesn't fit my wrist right?

Our mission is to find the perfect fit for your watch. If your strap doesn't fit just right, please head over to our returns page and we will gladly exchange or refund your purchase.


I am having trouble getting my strap attached and detached from my watch.

Since these are integrated straps that will be perfectly flush with your watch case, sometimes it may be a bit more difficult to attach than standard universal straps. We've created some instructional videos to help:

Attaching an Allwrists Integrated Leather Strap

Detaching an Allwrists Integrated Leather Strap

Attaching an Allwrists Integrated Rubber Strap

Detaching an Allwrists Integrated Rubber Strap


Can I order custom straps?

We are offering the ability for customers to order custom straps for select Grand Seiko cases.


You don't currently offer any straps that fit my watch. When will you make some for it?

We are working to create straps for more Grand Seiko watches. Every sale helps support the development of additional straps!


How long will it take to receive a custom order or pre-order?

Timing for custom orders and pre-orders are variable, but we will do our best to communicate timing updates with you to keep you informed. If you have specific concerns about the timing of delivery for a custom order, please contact us through our contact form.